The Marie Chain Musikvideo-Dreh MIT DIR was legendary!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the music video shoot and took Revenge together with us 😉

photo by the one and only Chris Gonz Photographie

Cameras, production: Ronald Matthes, Sarah Wieding & Serge Foly

Band: Tim Lehnert, Gonzalo Piñán, Vladimir Spiridonov, Inka Dorette Ebert, Yuliesky Gonzalez, Carolin Töpfer, Chawa Lilith & Geraldine Marino

Actors: Denis Pozo, Sophie Ina, Luis Perez, Irina Spencer

Guests: Melanie Piontek, Vernon Piano, Melanie Knebel, Jetto Asmuß, Christian Basencoach Poeschke, Johannes V. Richthofen, Alejo Marulanda and many many more